Code of Conduct

For assistance, additional help or inquiries, please call the Gentilly Landfill Office at 504.240.0380

In order to utilize the Gentilly Landfill for waste disposal, customers must sign and return the acknowledgement form below.

Click Here To Download Printable Rules Acknowledgement Form

- Gentilly Landfill is not responsible for accidents.

- Dump at your own risk.

- No trespassing on site.

- Customers must remain in designated areas at all times.

- Speed limit is 10 MPH while on site.

- Consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind is not allowed on site.

- No weapons, firearms or explosives allowed.

- No smoking at any time on site.

- No cameras or video equipment allowed.

- Children must remain in vehicle while on site.

- All customers are required to stay within 10 feet of their vehicle while on site.

- Customers are required to observe and obey all posted signs and site personnel at all times while on site.

- Trucks being unloaded by hand must be completely unloaded by closing time.

- Truck drivers must adhere to Gentilly Landfill spacing rules as directed by Management.

- At management discretion, certain loads may be rejected due to time needed to unload.

- No salvaging or scavenging allowed.

- All loads must be un-tarped before reaching the tower. Loads which are not un-tarped by the tower will be directed out of line to do so.

- Pull-offs require a minimum of 15 feet between landfill equipment and customers’ vehicles, no exceptions.

- Self-dumpers will be required to unload under their own power. Due to safety purposes, our dozers and loaders will not be allowed to assist in raising xbeds.

- Excavators will not be used for pull-offs or rake outs.

- Should customers need assistance with pulling, up-righting or anything involving landfill equipment, they will be required to sign a hold-harmless xagreement.

- Pre-paid customers will be required to leave a check every Monday.

- All NSF checks will be assessed a $25 fee. Customers with NSF checks unsettled for over 10 days will be prosecuted.

- Landfill Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.